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Magnesium Silicate Adsorbent Magnesol, Florisil, Tomix AD600NS, Ambosol magnesium silicate

Synthetic Magnesium Silicate Adorbent is refered as synthetic, amorphous form of magnesium silicate, it is safe, pure fine white compound with porous internal structure and enormous activated surface, products are ideal for use as adsorbents, anti-static flow agents, anti-caking agents, catalyst supports, carriers, and reinforcing fillers, it get rid of chemical with polarity as your want.

Ambosol magnesium silicate,
Ambosol magnesium silicate
Magnesium Silicate adsorbs a wide ragne of polar compounds
Our first production line of Synthesis Magnesium Silicate Adsorbent was put into use in 1994, we sold this adsorbent as special/fine chemical to polyols makers. When producing polyether polyols using an alkaline catalyst these catalysts are preferably removed from the polyol at the end of production by a proper finishing step, synthesis magnesium silicate could be used for purifying the crude polyols, it could remove the catalysts, and make the color looks more transparent but not the yellowish crude one. our magnesium silicate was designed for that purpose primarily. in a lot of patented production process of purifying the polyesters, polyols and polymers, magnesium silicate is often introduced and is certificated as useful adsorbent. MACROSORB MP5 and MP5 PLUS

Our second production line was successful lanuched in 2003 to have an additional capacity of 1,500mts per annum when it is discovered that magnesium silicate adsorbs a wide range of impurities like glycerin, free glycerin, metals, soaps, chlorophyll, residual free fatty acids, odors, color, methanol and water from 1) * Treament of Used/Fried Cooking Oil ;

Treatment of cooking oil and free fatty acid with Magnesium Silicate

For your reference, one type of our magnesium silicate has the specification and typical analysis result as below: Tomix AD600N
Parameter Specification Typical Value
MgO 15% Min. 15
SiO2 67% Min. 68
Loss on Drying @ 105 Centigrade, % 15 Max. 10
Loss on Drying @ 900 Centigrade, % 15 Max. 10
Mole Ratio MgO: SiO2 1 : 2.25 - 1 : 2.75 1:2.5

Activity, mgKOH/g

180 Min. 220
**Lead, %
5mg/kg Max. -
10mg/kg Max. -
**Free Alkali, %
1.0 Max. -
**Soluble Salts, % 3.0 Max.
Free following white Powder

15kg Kraft papaer bag/carton box, or we can package the product into small PE sacks like 250grams each dosage, we also support some private label business.

For more information, please feel free to contact with Mr.Tom Tao or please send E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +86 13967525505 Tomix AD600NS 合成吸着剤 ケイ酸マグネシウムとしてはフロリジル(Floridin社製)、トミターADシリーズ(富田製薬社製)

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